Composite “white” fillings were created as an alternative to traditional metal dental fillings.  Composite fillings are strong, durable, and make for a very natural looking smile. They are called “white” fillings because of the natural, tooth color of the material. A composite filling is used when the cavity is small and you the patient desire a natural-looking restoration. Dr. Bae will numb the area, and then prepare the tooth for restoration, removing any decay. She will then apply the composite, and fill the cavity. After the composite has been cured, it will be smoothed and shaped for fit and comfort.

Postoperative Instructions

Following the placement of a composite filling, you may experience some discomfort or tenderness in the area. Complications from the use of composites are unlikely. It is possible that you may need an adjustment to accommodate your natural bite, and there may be minor sensitivity for a few days.  Ibuprofen can be taken reduce the symptoms.